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I walked from the filling station to the junction of the street I lived with my mother. The marshy road made all the drivers I flagged down charge more than the normal amount.

I stared at the sky and the black cloud gathering in preparation for another downpour. I pulled off my sandals and walked home with all determinations not minding the dirt that got to my feet. I clutched my hand around my slippers and shivered. I couldn’t afford to get the slippers into the flooded street, there was no extra resources to waste on a new slippers.

I walked towards the mud building that served as shelter for me and my middle aged mother. The iron roof was making noise as the wind blew in all its strength. I thought about calling Baba Alani the carpenter who came to our rescue whenever we had a leaking roof but his words telling us to purchase another iron roof echoed in my head.

I knocked on the wooden door that would be pulled down with just a pound by anyone that has the strength several times, before it was opened by my Mum.

“Todun you are back.” She said as she loosened her ragged wrapper and tied it again. She adjusted her already faded buba as well and led the way inside.

“Yes I am ma, good evening ma.” I knelt down.

“Kaabo my daughter. How was sales today?”

“It was nice ma, I almost finished selling the whole lot.”

“Well done.” She said as she bent down and carried the bowl of water that leaked from the room and went to dispose it at the backyard.

We always experience leakages around the house whenever it rained. More reason why I should call Baba Alani, I thought as I heard her pouring water at the backyard. I reached into my bag and took the remaining oranges out of it. I took out the money in my pocket as well and handed it over to her while she praised and prayed for me as usual.

I went into the bedroom that would have been dark if not for the single and small window that irradiated it. I changed into a three quarter jeans and an oversized cardigan. The little money my mother gave to me as appreciation for hawking for her was kept inside my kolo. I then left to help her on cooking at the kitchen.


The air was filled with smoke that emitted from the half dried wood that was used in cooking as my mother fanned it. I took the fan from her and continued fanning while she went into the house.

I thought of the exam I had the following day. It was going to be a JAMB examination and I had been studying for it since a very long time ago. If I should pass it, I will leave to the university and read the course of my choice, English and Literary Studies. The thought of the course made my heart leap in joy.

I thought of what I would do once I graduate. I pictured myself becoming a successful woman and making sure my Mum enjoys everything she couldn’t enjoy in the early part of her life.

Gain the admission first, I muttered as the fire came to life and started burning.

There was no time for any tete-a-tete when we were eating because my Mum was either sneezing or breathing with difficulty. I only told her sorry at intervals and shoved the amala and okoro soup down my throat. Just so you know, my Mum is asthmatic. She wasn’t born asthmatic or maybe she had the elements of someone who did but it never showed up when she was younger.

It started when she worked at a building construction site where she helped the bricklayers in carrying prepared cement and sand. She started having difficulties in breathing and had to go many days on taking drugs.

Obliging to the advise of one of her co-workers she visited the hospital and got informed by the doctor that she was asthmatic. They advised her to stay away from dust and any other thing that could trigger her condition which included smoke. She stayed away from dust but smoke is inevitable since for us a gas cooker and stove is a luxury.

I packed the plates into the kitchen and went to the bedroom to get her inhaler. After using it for the third time, she finally felt calm and I guided her into the bedroom. I went back to check if the doors were securely locked even though I knew that one push from the men of the underworld will have it crumbling on the floor.

I went back to the room, picked the cloths I was going to wear to the exam venue, read my book a little bit and drifted off to sleep. It had been a long and tiring day.


“Todun, Morountodun.” I could hear her call my name from far away as she tapped me awake.

“Alarm e ti dun o, dide kole kawe, ko de tete mura.”

I rubbed my eyes and struggled to stand up from the bed. I was feeling so much asleep but the job at hand denied me of one of the things I loved doing. Trying to lie down on the bed again, she tapped me and I stood at attention. I took my books, the kerosene lantern and made my way to the living room for a little bit of revision.

The two chairs and the wooden table located at the centre of the living room served as the only furniture we had. There was also a mat resting against the wall at a corner of the living room. We only use it whenever we had visitors.

I pulled the chair closer to the table and read my book. I had read it several times, so I only did a few revisions and went through my previous jottings. I tried cramming somethings too. I must admit I am an average student and not a complete dullard.

I switched on my phone and the alarm rang five o’clock. I quickly scrambled to my feet and went to the place that served as bathroom at the back yard to have a cold bath on a cold morning. I couldn’t go through the stress of blowing wet firewood.

Shivering as I went back inside, I wore my clothes and took the money my mother gave to me as transport fare then raced outside to catch a bus after a long stretch of prayers were rendered by my Mum.

It didn’t take me a long time before I was able to get a vehicle heading to my direction. I had to fight my way through the early morning crowd as they all wanted to go early to their destinations. I repeated the things I could remember in my mind and constantly asked the person sitting beside me for the time. Mobile phones are not allowed at examination centres and I forgot to take my wrist watch.

The bus arrives at my destinations after many stops and starts that almost got me agitated. As I alighted from the bus, so many people already stood on the queue awaiting their turns for the exam. I felt out of place on sighting my mates richly dressed while I looked miserable in my shabby faded jeans and black blouse.

You might think anything black is attached to bad luck but I had no choice but to put it on because it was thick and black colour rarely look faded.

It eventually got to my turn and I was to sit at a computer. I stared at its screen for a while before praying to God that it shouldn’t misbehave because anything it does will determine my fate.


BUBA – Yoruba name for blouse.

Alarm e ti dun o,dide kole kawe, ko de tete mura – Your alarm has rung already,wake up so that you can read your book and dress up quickly.

Amala – Yam and cassava flour.

Kaabo – Welcome.


Who else apart from TODUN was nervous while preparing or writing JAMB ?

Let’s all wish her well.

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The hot afternoon sun that descended from the sky made sweat run down my head as I walked to the filling station where I work. I entered the changing room and changed my cloth into my uniform, a combination of blue and pink colour. I sat down on the stool and placed my tray of oranges beside me. I used my hand to chase away the houseflies that tried settling on the oranges.

Music boomed from the speakers attached to the structure that served as shed for  workers. I stared across the road and wondered how people managed to go through the stress of everyday hustle and bustle. The Hausa Mallam that sold cucumber, carrot and watermelon sat at his usual spot attending to his customers.

My co-worker and friend Bisi sat beside me as she squeezed the juice from the orange she was holding into her mouth. A blue car drove into the station and parked at the usual spot. I stood up and asked the man the amount of fuel that should be dispensed.

“Oga, how much do you want make I sell?”

“Five litres my sister, how much for one litre?  Abi you people don increase the price?”

The dark stocky man asked me. He had the gloomy look every driver that was having a hard day has in his face. He was sweating profusely and he chewed the stick in his mouth with energy sometimes obstructing the things he was saying.

“Na still the same price like before oga.”

I answered him as I pressed the appropriate figures on the fuel dispenser and sold his fuel. He handed me a dirty one thousand naira note and I gave him his change. He collected it without a thank you and drove off. That’s just a taste of what I go through everyday.

I sat back on the stool and watched as Bisi helped me in selling the oranges to a middle aged woman that walked in from across the road. She handed me the money the woman paid and I dropped it into my purse that was strapped around my waist.

“Se you have seen oga since you have come?” Bisi asked me as she tried removing the flesh of the orange that got stuck in her teeth.

“Not since I came. Why?” I asked her sensing trouble. Oga will not want to see me if there is no fire on the mountain, I thought.

“I don’t know but he has been looking for you since morning.”

“I will see him when I am about to go home.” I said as she stood up to attend to another customer standing by the dispenser.

Bisi and I met when I started working at filling station and since then our friendship had become better. She had already been working there by the time I joined two years ago. Unlike other co-workers she is the only one who is around my age bracket. She works full-time while I do the part time thing.

I finished my secondary school education two years ago. I did JAMB (Joint Admission Matriculation Board) exam the first time and it jammed me so I secured a job at the filling station as a part time worker.  Whenever I wasn’t at work, I would go to the the market to sell oranges for my Mum. Sometimes like today and on my way back from the market I would work at the filling station till evening and then go home from there. On other days whenever I don’t go to the market, I went for my JAMB lessons.

It was 5pm in the evening when I went back to the changing room and changed my uniform to my cloth. A faded jeans and a faded pink top. I parked my hair into a bun and washed my face in the wash basin. I stared at the broken mirror and adjusted the powder on my face. I would not bring powder to work but I borrowed the one belonging to Bisi even though we weren’t of the same complexion.

I strapped my bag to my back and gingerly  walked to the manager’s office located at the left side of the compound. I knocked the door several times and heard struggles as someone inside made for the door. The woman who bought orange earlier pushed past me as she adjusted her clothes. I have a little smile and entered the office jamming the door.

“Good afternoon sir.” I folded my hand to my back and bent my head slightly.


He responded casually and struggled with something under his desk. Thereafter, he placed his hand on the desk and flipped through the tattered cash book. His office which is  small could not house ten people had a table and a chair placed at the center. Stakes of paper littered the floor and the wall had stains of foot wears on it. The patterns are as a result of killing cockroaches that felt bold to venture outside in his presence and those of his side chicks.

“I guess Bisi delivered my message.”

“Yes she did sir.” I answered in anticipation of what wanted to say.

“As you are aware Olu has stopped working here and I think it is high time you changed to being a full time worker if you don’t want to lose your means of feeding.” He stopped talking for a while.

He was wrong, it wasn’t really my means of feeding but a way of saving up for my school fees

“If you don’t become one you are free to go. That means you don’t want the job and you have to live in hunger.” I immediately went on my kneels and begged him to be patient with me. I went further to explain my circumstances to him as he chewed on his nails. This wasn’t the first time I am doing that though and each time he listens in anticipation of something new and where to pick on my words.

” I have said my own, I have no business with whatever happens to you or your mother. Do I by any chance resemble your mother?

He looked at me sternly and went back to checking through the cash book. Tears dropped from my eyes at the thought of being laid off. Who will pay my fees? Who will pay my Mum’s medical fees whenever she needs one?  Who will pay for the shack we live in?

I wiped my face and stood up. I had a little difficulty opening the door and when I eventually did, the cold breeze hit my face as the rain had started to fall. I opened my bag and took out two nylon bags. I used one to cover my hair and the other one, I dropped my pregnant phone into it.

You might find the word “pregnant” funny since I am talking about a phone. I started calling it that, since the keypad was protruding more like a pregnant woman. It was a second hand property that I bought from a former classmate. I gave her two  thousand naira as payment. It was far better than owing none since I couldn’t afford an Android phone.  Android phone to me was a luxury.

I ran under the shelter to meet Bisi. She had already sold part of the orange and it only remained three. She gave me the money she made while I went inside and I poured the remaining oranges into my bag. I handed her one  hundred Naira as gratitude but she refused saying I should save it for my schooling.

I stretched out my hand further from the shed and felt its intensity. Knowing that it had subdued, I bid Bisi a final goodbye and walked into the drizzling rain to trace my steps back home.

To be continued…


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Good afternoon and how have you been? This has been in my draft for quite sometimes and I have been looking for an opportunity to upload it and here it is the key word is laziness. Read and enjoy.

So I heard it runs in the blood
Making it an inheritance
Or something you love doing
Making it a habit.

So I heard you despise the day
And in love with the night
Where you lay
And do not expect the invasion of light.

So I heard you are in love with the rain
So you can stay in all day
So when the sun shines
It makes you pale.

So I heard you love to play
All days away
Even to spend the day in a bay
Is what you pray for.

But do you know it doesn’t pay
To play all your day away.
Because what you do today
Will become your pay

And your pay will
become your way



Good morning how was your night? I wrote this poem some few months ago and stumbled on it a few days ago and now I think you should see it. It is something short and simple, all about love. A letter to a lover. Enjoy.

Just like water it drowns me,
Just like fragrance it hits my nose,
the smell of love.

Just like roses I can see the beauty,
Just like roses it has its thorns,
And it pricks my skin.

Just like honey It has brought
The sweet taste to my tongue
This, surely the taste of love.

Just like a tree I think I have fallen,
And just like that same tree I have fallen completely,
In love with you.



Happy Sunday and I hope it isn’t too late to wish you a happy new month. Today’s poem is all about imagination and how it makes things better. Life is full of imaginations and from there we work hard to make our imaginations become realities. Read and enjoy.


Just imagine how a smile makes your pictures beautiful.
That little smile that makes you fall in love with the capture of a moment.

Just imagine how that act of kindness has touched a life.
Making the life believing again.
Just imagine how that drop of water has made an ocean.
Making the surrounding fruitful.

Just imagine how that air has made you alive.
A shortage of it, do you know can make you a goner.

Just imagine that sound in your heart.
Making everything in you come alive.
Let’s make everything a reality
By making things come alive.



Good day ladies and gents. Today’s poem is full of wishes more like prayers for a special individual. It’s all about life, love and rain.

Life can have several shades,

But I want you to live the best of it.

Life comes with many difficulties,

But I want you to experience the best of it.

Love has several shades,

But the one I have for you,

Is true and real something very right and bright,

To brighten up your day.

The rain falls with different densities,

But I want the right one to fall for you,

To make your day cool,

To make your grass green and your harvest bountiful.



It is another beautiful Sunday today. Today’s poem is about an individual telling his or her lover what they should do so as to remain together for ever. So join me to drink this early morning water from the stream of love. Read and enjoy.

Let us tread this path together,
With our hand intertwined,
Promising each other forever,
And not minding the weather.

Let us go on this journey together,
Without the fear of each other,
A pleasant journey into forever,
Where we should stand by each other.

Let us weather this storm together,
With the aim of standing in for each other,
Let us board this train together,
Even if it takes forever.

The train of love,
Will get us to our destination.


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Have you ever thought of taking pictures of your naked self and displaying it to the public? What comes to your mind when people you know go naked in public or I rather say social media?

Sometimes ago, my friend and I got talking about an issue based on nudity. This guy posted something that prompted me to ask him questions. He said he would rather have his children given birth to through surrogacy than marrying someone who is no better than a dog.

We all know what it means when an individual is referred to as a dog. Well, if you don’t know; here it is. A dog is believed to be a very lose animal that has sex with several dogs partners without limit.

After asking me several questions like: would I display my nude pictures on the social media? Would a right thinking person even think of taking an au naturel pictures of his or herself? etc. He finally opened up.

According to him, he had a girlfriend who I would love to refer to as his EX henceforth. When they were both together as lovers last year, she took a series of nude pictures and asked him if they were beautiful and if she could put them up on her social media pages. According to him he advised her against it.

They both broke up and on the same day when we had that chat he saw her nude pictures on Instagram. Two things came to my mind, it is either she posted those pictures to spite him or did it out of a free will. You might even say she did it because she felt so convenient and in love with her body.

I asked him what the comments people made on the pictures were like and he said most people appreciated it which was pretty surprising. Here are things you should take note. There are different types of people on every social media that should inform the ways we just send anything to the world for every Dick and Harry to see.

Although there are individual preferences attached to nudity, here are some few things you should know. We live in a world where deceit runs in the blood of almost many people. These means that several people will like your picture by just tapping that love or thumbs up sign but that is not their real intention. They will tell you you have a nice body and lot more but when they talk about it to their friends they will condemn the act.

Social media is a very large world but information spreads faster than you can imagine. So before you have a change of mind and decide to delete anything, someone somewhere already has it saved.

In Africa there is a huge frown against nudity. Your body is supposed to be private business and not something for the whole world to see but as I said before it is based on individual’s preferences.

Another thing you should take note of is that the masculine gender can be very deceitful. Their lips are sugar coated enough to coax you to do things you wouldn’t have loved to do if you were thinking right. They would tell you it makes them happy, you should show yourself to them if you love them but they wouldn’t allow their loved ones to practice it. Have you ever noticed the manner at which they protect their siblings especially the feminine gender?

I think I have been able to prove some points concerning this sensitive issue. Thanks for reading, don’t forget to like, comment, share and follow.


Have you ever sat down and thought about things that happen around you? Sometimes you wish there are answers to them but you might not want to bother, so as not to open an already healed wound. Today’s poem is an early morning dose filled with food for thought. Read and enjoy and tell me what you think.

Several questions about life,
So many questions that have you wondering,
Am I doing it right or wrong?
How I wish I have answers to them.

Several questions about life,
Questions that are left unanswered,
The thought of them make you cringe,
Maybe because curiosity kills the cat.

Several questions about existence,
And how you have come to be.
So many times you have thought about going back to the past,
Just for you to make it right.

Several questions about love,
And what you have experienced,
What you have read and watched is different,
And what you feel makes you lame.

Several secrets left unraveled,
Several things left untouched,
Several topics you don’t want to talk about,
All for you to have a peace of mind you have kept quiet.


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Welcome to Anncy Juicy Gist, here I will get you updated about things I see, hear, experience and love to share with people. So prepare yourself for a little gossip.

Here is the first edition, enjoy.

    Some few days ago, I went to the salon to plait my hair. Not your regular modern day salon but the local Nigerian salon. Someone was already seated and I had no choice but to sit and await my turn. Her children joined me as I watched movies on my mobile phone.

     The youngest of the children arrived from a private lesson, dropped her bag and ran off to play. She then came back later and sourced for a stick to make a local toy. You have just got to see the rate at which she struggled to break the stick and fashioned it into the size she wanted.

      She walked to her Mum(the hairdresser) and asked her to plead with a boy around ten years old to help her in making the toy and the mother did so. All along, I was mesmerized about the little girl’s courage and determination.

      The main thing now was, just halfway through plaiting my hair, the little girl arrived with a friend of her age(5 years old or there about). All of a sudden, this friend started crying that the daughter of the hairdresser should give her the toy because it belonged to her.

      In confusion the mother seized the toy from both of them and the girl who falsefully claimed it belonged to her fell to the ground and cried more. The other children begged her to stay quiet and not to call the attention of her Mum. I asked them the reason they were begging her since she was the one at fault and they said her Mum would be angry and would accuse them of maltreating her.

      The hairdresser’s daughter on the other hand didn’t really cry but her face held multiple expressions that kept reoccurring to me.

So you might be wondering, what exactly is she driving at with all these stories?

     Well this is the point, it is bad that a small girl should claim what doesn’t belong to her and instead of correcting her she is pacified. You might believe that she is still very innocent but whatever she does now will be her practice later on.

     This is applicable to everyone. We shouldn’t shield people because we share close bond with them but correct them so that they will realize their mistakes. Changing our society should start from us.

      On a final note, whenever an individual makes a mistake, correction is no harm when done the right way. I hope you enjoyed this and learnt something.

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